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Social Behavioural Analytics and Political Promotion

Social Behavioural Analytics and Political Promotion

Data Analysis is the key to success

With detailed analysis of Big Data, make quick decisions and optimized responses. Good leaders are decision makers.

Competency Analysis

To outwit and succeed, a leader must assess and rate her adversaries according to their strengths and weaknesses.

Psychographic Analysis

From lifestyles to food fetishes, through the analysis of voter choices, create a detailed usable voter profile. This is a great help in forming coherent political strategies.

Demographic Analysis

A breakdown of voting preferences across demographic parameters such as gender, geography, income, education, occupation, community and age can provide tangible insights into voter’s minds.

One-to-one with voters

Create and maintain personal rapport with voters through individualized communication channels and influence their electoral choices.

Building Narratives

A leader sets the narratives in motion that becomes the ‘talk of the town’. At the same time counter-narratives are created to disarm and neutralize opponents.

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